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ChocolateGirl Designs creates hand crafted jewelry to fit your creative side.  I have a love for all beads and gemstones.  I try to allow my imagination to run wild and present to you unique original pieces that no one else has.

Women love and admire other women's styles, but they also want to be different.  The same with men.  Everyone wants and needs their own sense of originality, and I want to be the one to help you create it.  Your jewelry should say a lot about you and your mood.  Allow me to set the atmosphere for you when you walk into the room.

​I am accepting requests for custom designs.  Please email me and specify the color, the length you would like your necklace, and your wrist and/or neck size.  Also let me know if the order is for a special event or a gift.

I look forward to creating your unique designs!


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